Session 2 Chair: Huixiao Hong

Session 2 Chair: Huixiao Hong, OpenTox USA 2018

Huixiao Hong


National Center for Toxicological Research (NCTR)


Chief of Bioinformatics Branch


Concern on reproducibility in scientific research is arising in recent years. In 2016, The journal Nature conducted a survey “Is there a reproducibility crisis?”. Of more than 1500 scientists who responded to the survey, 90% agreed that there is a reproducibility crisis, slight or significant. Diverse sources cause reproducibility issues that are in all scientific fields and at different steps of a scientific research. An analysis of irreproducible researches revealed that a significant portion came from data analysis and reporting. Many efforts have been taken to improve reproducibility, include ones from scientific journals, academic institutes, and government agencies. This session is focusing on discussions of reproducibility issues in in silico analysis in predictive toxicology. Several well-known scientists in predictive toxicology will present researches and opinions on reproducibility in computational models and data analysis. You are welcome to join this session and we hope you present related posters and/or participate in discussions.