Component description

A Feature is an object, representing any kind of property, assigned to a Compound. The feature types are determined via their links to ontologies (Feature ontologies, Descriptor ontologies, Endpoints ontologies)


REST operations 

Description Method URI Parameters Result Status codes
Get description of a specific feature definition GET /feature/{id} [subjectid] URI-list  or RDF representation of a feature 200,404,503
Create a new feature POST /feature [subjectid]
Content-type="any-of-RDF-types", content=RDF-representation
URI of the new feature definition 200,400,404,503
Update feature PUT /feature/{id} [subjectid]
Content-type="any-of-RDF-types", content=RDF-representation
_ 200,400,404,503
Delete feature DELETE /feature/{id} [subjectid] _ 200,400,404,503
Get a list of available feature definitions
GET /feature [subjectid]
URI list or RDF of features found by the query or all available, if query is empty

Returns all features, for which owl:sameAs is given by the query


(subject id-optional parameter that contains the OpenSSO A&A token needed to access protected services)

 HTTP status codes

Interpretation Nr Name
Success 200 OK
No feature found, or specific featurenot found 404 Not Found
Incorrect parameters 400 Bad request
Service not available 503 Service unavailable

RDF representation

Feature and FeatureValue class in opentox.owl


Representation of a substructure (N3 Notation):

      a       ot:Substructure ;
      dc:title "FCF" ;
      ot:smarts "FCF" ;
      ot:hasSource <https://ambit.uni-plovdiv.bg:8443/ambit2/model/26469>;