OpenTox Association Local Chapters

OpenTox Association

The purpose of the OpenTox Association (OTA) is to promote the community-based exchange and use of open knowledge, software, methods, tools, data, reference resources and standards in the scientific activities of predictive toxicology, safety assessment and risk management, including the “3Rs” goal of the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of Animal Testing.

OTA has a global mission and relies on international collaboration. As nodes in a connected network, across different continents: e.g., starting chapters are located in Europe, Asia, and North America. Chapters are organized by members who are located in a particular geographic region and share an interest in common topics.

Becoming involved with a local chapter will allow members to make closer connections with peers, share knowledge and discover new professional opportunities. Members will be kept at the forefront of local issues and emerging trends via newsletters, meetings, and seminars. To apply for an Association Local Chapter please fill out an application here.