Past events

Building Bridges 2016

OpenTox Euro 16, Building Bridges Workshop

Today, advanced cell therapies founded on human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells have entered clinical evaluation. These resources are also being integrated in the drug discovery process to confirm causative roles of mutated genes in various diseases and discover new therapeutic drugs to ameliorate disease pathologies.

OpenTox EURO 2016

OpenTox Euro 2016

Join us for a week of exciting events including the OpenTox Euro Conference, the Nano Environmental and Health Safety (NanoEHS), the Nano Modelling Workshop and the Building Bridges Workshops as well as the OpenTox Hackathon and the OpenTox Working Group Meetings

OpenTox USA 2016

OpenTox Hackathon on Case-driven Data Analysis / 10-12 April 2016 / Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
The workshop will provide a) case studies, b) data, c) emphasis on time to work on cases and data analysis and discussion, d) a great atmosphere to develop ideas and relationships while solving problems together.