Scheduled Meetings

OpenTox Euro 2018

OpenTox Euro 2018, Athens, Greece

Organising Committee:

Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Haralambos Sarimveis (NTUA), Thomas Exner (Douglas Connect), Philip Doganis (NTUA), Iseult Lynch (University of Birmingham), Thomas Carney (University of Birmingham), Costas Charitidis (NTUA)

Abstract Submission:

Abstracts should be submitted through our website system and will be reviewed by the conference chairs and organising committee. Please submit your abstracts using the form located at: >>THIS LINK<<.

OpenTox USA 2018

OpenTox USA 2018, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

This year's conference theme: Bridging the gap: Application of in vitro - in silico approaches in toxicology, safety assessment and regulation. Noffisat Oki, Stephen Edwards, NC OTA local Chapter members, Brendan Hardy, Barry Hardy, Thomas Exner, Rob Reedijk

OpenTox Asia 2018

OpenTox Asia 2018, Tokyo, Japan

Our Conference this year will center on systems toxicology and how the combination of an increasing set of diverse sources of data (in vitro, omics, clinical) combined with in silico modelling and data analysis are providing a foundation for new and improved safety assessment methods and practice.