S5: Data and Knowledge Fusion and Management: Supporting Toxicology

 Data and Knowledge Fusion and Management: Supporting Toxicology, Health Effects Endpoints Analysis & Human Health Risk Assessment

S5: Data and Knowledge Fusion and Management: Supporting Toxicology, OpenTox Asia 2017

Asish Mohapatra


Health Canada


Risk Assessment Specialist


In this presentation, I will explore data and knowledge fusion applications in the context of toxicology and human health risk assessment.  In light of big data analytics and potential applications of emerging systems biology health effects knowledgebase in risk assessment projects; my project objective is to use data, information and knowledge fusion tools, statistical techniques, and methodological frameworks for projects that use spatial and temporal environmental, toxicological, epidemiological and system biology based datasets. Chemical examples such as benzene, light aliphatic petroleum hydrocarbons (F1) mixtures, and n-hexane will be used to showcase data and knowledge fusion based toxicity assessments and risk assessments. We also developed a system biology based model to explore various biological organizational levels identifying both opportunities and limitations. Furthermore, some preliminary analysis of hematoxicity, neurotoxicity, and developmental neurotoxicity will be presented.  Issues and Challenges of processing of complex spatial and temporal datasets will be summarized.

Disclaimer: The abstract and the presentation are based on a report that was prepared by University of British Columbia under a contract to Health Canada's Contaminated Sites Division; however, it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Health Canada nor is it Health Canada guidance.