Session 1 Chair: Johan Nyström-Persson

Dr. Johan Nyström-Persson

Session 1 Chair: Johan Nyström

Johan Nyström-Persson 


Douglas Connect 


Data Scientist 

Data integration is becoming a key concern in almost every area of bioinformatics, as increasing amounts of data are produced in a variety of formats, and most data only becomes scientifically useful and valuable when placed in a context. Various challenges must be addressed, such as ease of use, scientific correctness of the integration, performance, and discoverability. These challenges become particularly significant when data integration is automatic or semiautomatic. This session will focus on data integration methods and techniques, established as well as novel ones, and the challenges and opportunities in this area today.

Dr. Nyström-Persson has worked on various problems that straddle the industry-research boundary, including: virtual machines and memory management, automatic software component integration (approached through novel programming languages), knowledge integration (approached through RDF/linked data) and the fundamental challenges of capturing biological knowledge in software or other formalisms in a meaningful way. He was formerly a postdoctoral associate at the National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN) in Japan, where he co-created Toxygates, a web application based on the Open TG-GATEs toxicological dataset. He remains a principal developer of the project to this day. He studied mathematics and computer science at Imperial College London, and obtained a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Tokyo in Japan, where he is currently based.