Session 2 Chair: Samik Ghosh

Samik Ghosh PhD

Session 2 Chair: Samik Ghosh, OpenTox Asia 2017

Samik Ghosh 


The Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo 


Senior Scientist 

The ability to connect data with analytics is becoming increasingly mission critical for 21st century toxicology, with the availability of large-scale data on multiple dimensions. Computational platforms for data aggregation, analysis and visualization will play a pivotal role in extracting executable insights in toxicology across various disciplines. This session will feature talks/case studies/discussions on linking data and analytics in toxicology with the goal towards identifying challenges and opportunities in building next generation intelligent platforms to empower biomedical research.

Samik has an extensive background in networks and telecommunication, modeling in systems biology, drug discovery, software development and start-up experience in USA. He is also a Senior Researcher at The Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo and serves as the CTO of SBX Corporation leading the software development effort of the computational platform (Ghosh, Nature Reviews Genetics 2011), device consultancy and drug discovery pipeline consultancy. He received his Bachelors in Technology from India in 2001, MS and PhD in Computer Sciences from The University of Texas at Arlington in 2004 and 2007 respectively, where his research focused on computational modeling of biological systems.