S2: Activities of Center for NanoSafety Metrology in Korea

OpenTox Asia 2018, Activities of Center for NanoSafety Metrology in Korea

Jaeseok Kim


Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science


Senior Research Scientist


Min Beom Heo, Min Jeong Kwak, Jaeseok Kim*, Tae Geol Lee


Nanotechnology is no longer a field in its primary stage. This field has now entered a maturing period, as reflected by the generous use of the term “nano” in our everyday lives and the seemingly endless number of products professing to make use of this technology. It is important, then, that the nano-products and nano-applications will be guided or even modified to ensure that the appropriate safety steps are taken. For systematic and efficient technical supports for domestic and global nanosafety issues and concerns, the Korean Government (Ministry of Science and ICT) established the Center for NanoSafety Metrology at KRISS on 1st May, 2014 for a 10 year-project. They are tasked with establishing standards with traceability for nanosafety evaluation, preparing and disseminating certified reference nanomaterials (CRMs), implementing international comparison studies to build up standards, and supporting the establishment of a national nanosafety database. In this talk, recent activities including CRMs developed in KRISS, KRISS SOPs, ISO documents, and international collaborations for nanosafety will be presented.