S5: Garuda: An integrated analytics platform

Garuda: An integrated analytics platform towards toxicity assessment and beyond

Vipul Gupta, Garuda: An integrated analytics platform, OpenTox Asia 2018

Vipul Gupta


The Systems Biology Institute, Japan


With the explosion of data in different dimensions of toxicology, drug discovery, biomedicine and healthcare, a key challenge is the ability to connect the disparate data sources, discover the right analytics tools for a specific analysis and navigate through inter-operable analytics to provide executable insights. Garuda is an open, community-driven, platform that provides a framework to discover, connect & navigate through different applications on devices as well as in the cloud. This talk aims to give the audience an overview of available tools “Gadgets” in Garuda, and how to connect these tools to build efficient analytics workflow with application towards toxicity assessment and beyond.