OpenTox Basel Program

OpenTox Workshop on Predictive Toxicology and Safety Assessment

1-2 March 2016
Technology Park, Basel

Satellite Activities

29 February 2016
Working Group Day 1: High Contents Screening, Thomas Exner (Douglas Connect)
Virtual participation is possible (please contact thomas.exner [at]
09.00  – 18.00 Open house
15.00     HCS Working Group Discussions: Answering practical questions like "What type of data should be shared and stored: Images, Raw data, processed data?" and "What is the best practice to quantitatively assess the quality of the assays?"

1 March 2016
Working Group Day 2: Adverse Outcome Pathways, Thomas Exner (Douglas Connect)
Virtual participation is possible (please contact thomas.exner [at]
09.00  – 18.00 Open house
13.00     AOP Working Group Discussions: Integration of AOP-KB into OpenTox - How can AOP-XML be used to provide additional evidence for AOP creation and validation and how can the information can be extracted for AOP-based modelling?
17:00     Organising & Steering Committee Meeting
18:00     Social Event around Basel

WORKSHOP, 2 March 2016

08.30     OpenTox – Its History, Concepts, Values and Opportunity, Barry Hardy (Managing Director, Douglas Connect and President, OpenTox Association)
08.45     Regulatory Toxicology Perspective: Perspectives for integrating predictive toxicology into regulatory risk assessment and decision making, Martin Wilks (SCAHT, Basel)
09.00     Big Data Perspective: High throughput transcriptomics in the NGS era: present and future challenges, Cedric Notredame (CRG Barcelona)
09.15     Computational Biology Perspective 1: Pros and cons of detailed computational toxicology models, Frederic Bois (INERIS Paris)
09.30     Computational Biology Perspective 2: Pros and cons of including tissue micro-architecture in computational toxicology and metabolism models, Dirk Drasdo (INRIA, Paris)
09.45     Industry Perspective 1: IMI-eTOX lesson learned while consolidating toxicology data from thirteen companies, Philippe Marc (Novartis)
10.00     Industry Perspective 2: Predicting tissue exposures for systems toxicology models, Ben-Fillippo Krippendorff (Roche)
10.15     Interoperability Perspective 1: Open PHACTS: Open semantic biomedical data services for drug discovery, Bryn Williams-Jones (Open PHACTS)
10.30     Mechanistic Perspective: Challenges in access and utilisation of omic data for unterstanding mechanisms of toxicity, Paul Jennings (MU Innsbruck)
10.45     Coffee break   
11.05     Knowledge Café Roundtable Discussions
12.15     Knowledge Café Discussion Feedback
12.30     Lunch
13.30     Data Perspective: Data managment and quality standards, Thomas Exner (Douglas Connect)
13.45     AOP Perspective: The AOP community outreach - AOP-XML: A format standard between AOP-KB modules and interested third parties, Ahmed Abdelaziz (Rosettastein Consulting)
14.00     Modelling Perspective: Small molecules in a big data world, Stefan Kramer (JGU, Mainz)
14.15     Open Standards Perspective: Extending OpenTox to Nano Safety with eNanoMapper, Christoph Helma (in silico toxicology)
14.30     Interoperability Perspective 2: Data management and ontology challenges in Toxygates, Johan Nystrom (ToxyGates)
14.45     Interoperability Perspective 3, Enhancing interoperability with open-source tools, Greg Landrum (RDKit)
15.00     Deployment Perspective: Simplifying system deployment using Docker, Tim Dudgeon (IM, Oxford)
15.15     Coffee break
15.25     Knowledge Café Roundtable Discussions
16.40     Knowledge Café Discussion Feedback
17.00     Open Discussion on Workshop Insights and Learning
17:30     End of Meeting and Social Reception

Satellite Activities

3 March 2016
Working Group Day 3: Application Programming Interfaces and Deployment, Joh Dokler (Douglas Connect)
Virtual participation is possible (please contact thomas.exner [at]
09.00  – 18.00 Open house
14.00     API and Deployment Working Group Discussions: Can microservices guarantee sustainability? How to interface and deploy these services?