Sesson 7 Chair Profile: Ola Spjuth

Sesson 7 Chair Profile: Ola Spjuth, OpenTox Euro 2016

Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences and Science for Life Laboratory, Uppsala University


Assoc. Prof

Ola is associate professor working in the fields of data-intensive and translational bioinformatics with a particular focus on how modern e-infrastructures enables the studying of complex phenomena, and predictive modeling in pharmacology, toxicology, and metabolism.

Ola is co-director at the UPPMAX high performance computing center at Uppsala University, and heads the Bioinformatics Compute and Storage facility at Science for Life Laboratory in Sweden.

He is the originator of the Bioclipse project, and also leads a work package in H2020-PhenoMeNal.

Research group web page: