S5: OS Software and FAIR Guidelines

Open Source Software and FAIR Guidelines strengthen Open Science Efforts in Health Area
Julia Kurps

Julia Kurps


The Hyve, The Netherlands


Data Scientist


Open source software enables efficient pre-competitive collaboration between academics and industry. Since the source code is open and available to everybody, both can use and enhance it to directly translate innovative scientific discoveries into practical applications. To use the full potential of those tools, open and reusable data is essential.

Therefore, we are advocating for the use of the FAIR guidelines to increase secondary use of research data and to contribute to the more widely application of those principles. The FAIR guidelines not only encourage researchers to make their data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, but also provide detailed instructions on how to implement those principles.

We are convinced that the combination of open source software with open data will boost knowledge discovery.

Therefore The Hyve provides support for several open source software for bioinformatics and translational research (e.g., tranSMART, cBioportal or OHDSI) and for the implementation of FAIR guidelines in data management plans.