Session 2 Chair: Roland Grafstrom

Prof. Roland Graftsrom

Session 2 Chair: Roland Grafstrom, OpenTox Euro 2016

Karolinska Institute



Roland Grafström works as Professor in Risk Assessment at the Karolinska Institutet since 2000. His speciality is biocomputing and informatics for toxicogenomics, cancer biology, personalized medicine and safety-by-design work. It includes mechanistic and mode of action-driven modelling and data interpretation related to toxicity effects and Adverse Outcome Pathways. The efforts covers chemicals, drugs and engineered nanomaterials. RG is also the CEO of Predictomics AB (SME, Stockholm, Sweden), being a subsidiary to Cercon AB, a biomedical consulting business in operation since 1983. Customers are trained for using In vitro and in silico-based predictive workflows based on 21st Century toxicology and 1R (replacement category) concept, including frequent organization of courses and research guidance for industry and academia, and developing IPR related to the above fields. He serves on this basis as Science advisor for Misvik Biology Oy, Turku, Finland and BioTeSys GmbH, Esslingen, Germany.