Session 5 Chair Profile: Thomas Exner

Dr Thomas Exner

Session 5 Chair Profile: Thomas Exner, OpenTox Euro 2016

Douglas Connect


Chief Scientific Officer

Dr Thomas Exner is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at Douglas Connect. Dr Thomas Exner studied chemistry and did his PhD at the Technische Universität Darmstadt. After a postdoctoral stay at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, he was appointed an assistant professorship at the University of Konstanz in 2003. In April 2012, he moved to the Institute of Pharmacy at the University of Tübingen and continued his research in close co-operation with the experimental and theoretical groups at the Institute until early 2015, when he moved to Douglas Connect.

The diverse topics of his independent group cover protein-ligand docking, pharmacophore modeling, structure prediction using NMR constraints, calculation of molecular and especially NMR-related properties of proteins and DNA, molecular dynamics simulations, free-energy calculations as well as quantum chemical calculations of metal complexes
Dr. Exner is the author and co-author of more than 50 articles in peer reviewed international journals and several other scientific contributions.