Session 6 Chair Profile: Clemens Wittwehr

Session 6 Chair Profile: Clemens Wittwehr, OpenTox Euro 2016


Clemens Wittwehr is responsible for the Disseminate project in the Chemicals Safety and Alternative Methods Unit of the JRC's Directorate for Health, Consumers and Reference Materials.  The Disseminate project bridges the gap between Information Technology and Life Sciences by enabling researchers to capture, manage, publish and share their data in a global stakeholder community from science, industry and regulatory bodies. This JRC activity underpins the current paradigm shift in toxicology away from a mere observational science towards an emerging discipline that will provide tools to predict a chemical's toxicity using significantly less animals test and boosting alternative approaches. Clemens now focuses on the use of ontologies to make heterogeneous data collections better interoperable.

Clemens joined the JRC in 2000, after having worked for three years in the Informatics Directorate of the European Commission in Luxembourg. Before that, Clemens had worked for the City of Linz, Austria. Clemens graduated in Computer Science and Business Administration from the University of Linz.