S7: Toxcast & Friendly APIs

Exposing ToxCast as a friendly OpenTox API

Session 7: Toxcast, OpenTox Euro 2016

Daniel Bachler


Douglas Connect


Software Engineer


In this talk we want to show our recent work to make the ToxCast dataset more readily available to a wide range of workflow tools as well as browser based user interfaces. To achieve this goal, we created a web service that can supply information on all compounds and assays as well as all assay result data stored in ToxCast. Special care was taken to make interactive data discovery easy while also allowing automated queries, for example to get training data for machine learning services.

We also want to outline our vision for a datasource discovery service that would allow users to find other, similarly exposed online datasets and to match them to modelling and conversion utilities in a unified way. Our goal is twofold: to make discovery of toxicological data and metadata interactive, and to provide easy, uniform access for machine learning tools.