Poster: Inflammation-Mediated Organ Toxicity

Identification Of Molecular Signatures Of Inflammation-Mediated Organ Toxicity

Yu Ri An / Daewoong Co.LTD., Seung Hun Baek / Bio-age Co.LTD., Yang-Seok Kim / KyungHee University, Seoul, Korea


Yang-Seok Kim, KyungHee University, Seoul, Korea

OpenTox Euro 2014 Poster: Inflammation-Mediated Organ Toxicity

Toxicities of drug in specific organ are mediated by direct drug-organ interaction and/or mediated by other lesion which caused by drug. The inflammation is one of the key lesions which can cause multi-organ toxicity.

However, there is no comprehensive study to investigate biological characteristics of toxicity mediated by inflammation. In the present study, we have investigated the characteristics of biological network involved in inflammation-mediated organ toxicity. As a first step, we extracted the toxicity pathways of 155 frequently used drugs in each organs, liver, kidney, and blood vessel.

And at the same time, inflammation related pathways were also extracted and compared with organ toxicity pathways.

Signature pathways of inflammation mediated pathways were selected by BSS/WSS and fisher’s exact test. From this analysis, we have found 13 pathways which were related to inflammation-mediated toxicity in the liver and kidney. For example, Hepatitis C pathway (KEGG:05160) was liver related inflammation pathway and they can cause hepatitis.

These results can be applied to understand molecular mechanism of multi-organ toxicity cause by inflammation.