Session 2: Nanoinformatics South Korea

Nanoinformatics Study in South Korea for the developments of Safe and Sustainable Nanotechnology
OpenTox Euro 2014 speaker: Tae Hyun Yoon

Prof. Tae-Hyun Yoon


Hanyang University, South Korea


Tae Hyun Yoon

Mon, 22. Sep. 2014

Nanomaterials are often found to have very unique physicochemical properties and biological toxicities.

However, due to the ever-increasing numbers of novel nanoparticles (NPs) and related consumer products, toxicity assessment of all these novel NPs using currently available in vitro / in vivo testing methods seems impractical.

Therefore, systematic categorizing (or grouping) of NPs as well as computational nanoinformatics approaches are considered as promising alternatives for the efficient risk assessment of NPs and screening those NPs with higher potential hazards for further in vitro and in vivo tests. In this presentation, current status of nanoinformatics studies in Korea will be introduced.

Particularly, I will present current progress and future direction of nanoinformatics project in Korea (a.k.a. S2NANO:QNTR, funded by Korean MOTIE), which is recently launched for the development of an “User-friendly Nanosafety Prediction System” that can be used in the development stages of Engineered Nanoparticles and Nano-Products.