Session 5: Skin sensitization Integrated Approaches

Integrating cosmetic industrial needs in skin sensitization Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessement (IATA)
OpenTox Euro 2014 speaker: Silvia Teissier

Silvia Martinozzi Teissier


L’Oréal Research & Innovation, France

Wed, 24. Sep. 2014

Skin sensitization remains a major environmental and occupational health hazard. If different mechanical approaches, including structure-activity, skin metabolism determination and biological comprehension of contact sensitization have been developed over the last decades, till recently, only animal tests were accepted by regulations.

Since March 2013, the 7th Amendment of the Cosmetics Directive prohibits in Europe the marketing of cosmetic products containing ingredients which were tested on animal-based assays and prompted the implementation of Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) for Skin Sensitization.

While there is a common understanding of the Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOP’s) leading to skin sensitization, as well as a wide appropriation of a core battery of assays addressing these AOP key events, the ways of integrating such data to allow risk assessment of new ingredients is still in its early experimental phase.

Like others, we have developed our own integrated testing strategies. Based on this experience on cosmetic case studies and through a comparative review of different approaches that were published, we will present the opportunities and remaining challenges to support the ongoing OECD IATA initiative to reach the final goal of safety evaluation and risk assessment of new ingredients.