OpenTox Euro 2015 Program

OpenTox Euro 2015 Conference Program


30 September

09.00 Short Introduction of Working Groups and Working Group Leaders:
WG Session 1: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces); WGL: Christoph Helma (in silico toxicology)
WG Session 2: AOPs (Adverse Outcome Pathways); WGL: Clemens Wittwehr (JRC)
WG Session 3: Data Standards; WGL: Thomas Exner (DC)
WG Session 4: Deployment; WGL: Tim Dudgeon (Informatics Matters)
10.00 Coffee Break
10.30 Working Group Sessions (parallel tracks, coffee will be provided):

           Joint meetings of WG1/WG4 and WG2/WG3
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Joint Working Group Session
15.00 Coffee Break
15.30 Future of OpenTox and Planning for the General Assembly Meeting (program)
19.00 Social Event in Neighbourhood (meet in Lobby of Stillorgan Park Hotel)

1 October, 2015

Session 1: Information Requirements & Standards, Chair: Maurice Whelan (EC JRC)
09.00 Validation of Alternative Methods, Maurice P. Whelan

09.25 Validation of high throughput CALUX reporter gene assays, Bart van der Burg 

09.50 Reliability and Relevance of Toxicogenomics, Michael P. Ryan
10.15 Microfluidic Gene Expression, Tara Dalton

10.40 Reproducibility Crisis, Alan W. Baird
11.05 Coffee Break
Session 2: Characterisation of Systems, Chair: Kenneth Dawson (UCD)
11.35 Nano-QNTR Database, Hyun Yoon

12.00 Characterisation of Nanomaterials, Kenneth Dawson

12.25 eNanoMapper, Barry Hardy
12.50 Lunch
Session 3: Experimental Data Generation & Processing, Chair: Ignacio Gonzalez Suarez (PMI)
13.35 HCS data sharing: Overcoming the Challenges - How, What & Why, Ignacio Gonzalez Suarez

14.00 Public Resource for Environmental Chemical High-Throughput Testing Data, Keith Houck

14.25 PubChem HTS data, Yanli Wang

14.50 ToxBank, Barry Hardy
15.15 Coffee Break
Session 4: Metabolism, Chair: Carol Marchant (Lhasa)
15.45 Drug Metabolism Prediction, Johannes Kirchmair

16.10 QM P450 Predictions, Matthew Segall
16.35 In Silico Metabolism, Carol Marchant

17.10 Knowledge Café

18.15 Poster Session (sponsored by Irish Society of Toxicology) and Reception

2 October, 2015

Session 5: Modelling Cellular Perturbations & Responses, Chair: Paul Jennings (Medical Univeristy of Innsbruck)
08.45 Introduction, Paul Jennings

09.00 Transcriptomics Hit the Target, Alice Limonciel

09.25 Proteostatic-Stress in Leukemia, Eva Szegezdi

09.50 The Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor, Martin Leonard

10.15 Omics-driven bioinformatics and modeling approaches, Roland Grafström
10.40 Coffee Break
Session 6: Linking Parameters & Evidence across Scales, Chair: Vladimir Lobaskin (UCD)
11.20 Nanomaterial Cellular Kinetics, Christoffer Aberg

11.45 Nanoparticle-membrane interaction, Thorsten Auth

12.10 Nanomaterial Modelling, Robert Rallo

12.35 Limitations of Data Mining, Eli Goldberg
13.00-13.45 Lunch
Session 7: Knowledge Integration Supporting Decision Making, Chair: Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect)
13.45 The Alternatives Conundrum, John E. Doe

14.10 Knowledge Integration in Modern Toxicology, Michael Schwarz

14.35 Evaluating systemic toxicity, Gladys Ouedraogo
15.00 Effectopedia Knowledge Integration, Hristo Aladjov

15.25 Assessing Prediction Reliability, Pau Carrio
15.50 Evidence-based Toxicology, Mounir Bouhifd

16.15 Knowledge Café Including Final Wrap Up Session
19.00 Social Event in Downtown Dublin (meet in Lobby of Stillorgan Park Hotel)