Session 1: Information Requirements & Standards

OpenTox Euro 2015: Session 1: Information Requirements & Standards

Information Requirements & Standards
Session Chair: Maurice Whelan (EC JRC)

Thursday, 1 October 2015
from 9.00 to 11:05

Speakers Title
Maurice Whelan, EC JRC Validation as a step towards the acceptance of alternative methods for safety assessment
Bart van den Burg, BioDetection Systems Validation of high throughput CALUX reporter gene assays and linkage to adverse outcome pathways
Michael Ryan, University College Dublin Reliability and relevance of toxicogenomics for regulators and industry
Tara Dalton, University of Limerick Microfluidic High Throughput Gene Expression
Alan Baird, University College Dublin Reproducibility crisis in the laboratory
Session 1 Summary

We are entering an era where the latest in vitro and computational methods provide a credible and scientifically desirable alternative to animal experimentation in the pursuit of a better safety and efficacy assessment of chemicals and nanomaterials.

We need to ensure however that such innovation doesn't fall foul of the infamous "valley of death" and fail to translate into competitive products and processes for predictive toxicology that are accepted by regulators and end-users.

This session will explore how we can match bottom-up research and development efforts with a top-down appreciation of what is actually required from new predictive tools, and in particular, what type and quality of information they should provide and what standards they need to meet.