Session 2: S2NANO - QNTR database

S2NANO: QNTR database for the developments of nanosafety prediction models

Prof. Tae Hyun Yoon


Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea


Head of Nanoscale Characterization & Environmental Chemistry Lab


Nanoparticle (NP) are often found to have very unique properties and it is necessary to carefully assess their toxicities before these NPs are widely used for various consumer products.

However, due to the ever-increasing numbers of novel NPs, toxicity assessment of all these novel NPs using currently available in vitro / in vivo testing methods seems impractical.

Therefore, systematic categorization of NPs as well as novel informatics approaches are thought as a promising candidate for the efficient risk assessment of NPs.

In this presentation, I will introduce current status of S2NANO:QNTR database, which is recently built for the developments of nanosafety prediction models as well as decision making on health, safety, and environmental aspect of nanotechnologies.

Prof. Tae-Hyun YoonProf. Tae-Hyun Yoon has received his B.S./M.S. degree at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and worked as a researcher for SK TRI (Taeduk Research Institute) and SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology). Then, he studied at Stanford University for his Ph.D degree and joined to the current position at the chemistry department of Hanyang University (Seoul, South Korea) as a faculty member.

He is currently leading a research lab (NCEC lab., and S2NANO community (