Session 5 Chair: Paul Jennings

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Paul Jennings
Session 5 Chair: Paul Jennings, Senior Scientist at Medical University of Innsbruck

Medical University of Innsbruck


Senior Scientist

Paul Jennings is a senior scientist at the Division of Physiology, Medical University of Innsbruck.

He has 19 years experience in the field of renal in vitro methodologies and cell physiology, and has currently 60 publications related to the field.

His research is focused to understanding the molecular mechanisms of chemical induced nephrotoxicity with a strong focus on stress response pathways including but not limited to Nrf2, unfolded protein response and p53.

Current models employed in his laboratory include primary human proximal tubule (PT) cells, telomerase immortalised human PT cells (RPTEC/TERT1) and human iPSC derived PT and podocyte cells.

His laboratory is experienced in integrated omic analysis and biokinetics.

Dr. Jennings’ research group is an integral member of several key European Projects which aim to improve drug safety assessment regimes including, CarcinoGENOMICS, Predict-IV, DETECTIVE and StemBANCC.