WG4: Deployment Working Group

Deployment of Resources to OpenTox

The deployment working group is concerned with making it easy to deploy OpenTox and related services and data to your own infrastructure, and to use those services. Currently there is little information on this and the operation of these services is mostly restricted to the groups who created them.

To achieve this the working group plans to:

1. generate an on-line catalog of the available OpenTox resources (such as model generation and prediction services) containing relevant information about their purpose, status, maintainers and location of the key resources.

2. Provide good documentation on the relevant resources so that 3rd parties can understand, build and deploy the services.

3. Provide virtualised environments, such as virtual machines and/or Docker images, that allow pre-assembled environment to be run with the minimum of effort.

We anticipate that people involved in this working group would be team members of relevant OpenTox and related tools, and people interested in deploying those tools for their own needs.

Workshop Leader: Dr Tim Dudgeon (Informatics Matters)


Tim DudgeonTim Dudgeon did a D.Phil in biochemistry at the University of Oxford and a PhD and structural biology and molecular biology, also at the University of Oxford. Following that I worked at British Biotech and then OSI Pharmaceuticals handling bioinformatics and cheminformatics as well as managing the software systems for most aspects of drug discovery projects.

In recent years I have worked as an independent informatics consultant, as well as working closely with ChemAxon, where I was the founder and project manager of the Instant JChem software product, and in more recent years, headed up the consultancy operations where I was involved in the design and implementation of various software systems for a number of customers.

Towards the end of 2014 I left those activities to concentrate on creating a new breed of collaborative web based software for drug discovery.