Euro 16 Thursday Schedule

Integrating Scientific Evidence supporting Risk Assessment 

OpenTox Asia 2016, Rheinfelden, Germany
OpenTox Asia 2016, Rheinfelden, Germany
OpenTox Asia 2016, Rheinfelden, Germany
OpenTox Asia 2016, Rheinfelden, Germany
Conference Chairs : 
Barry Hardy
Roland Grafstrom
Chris Grulke
Ola Spjuth
Hristo Aladjov
Clemens Wittwehr
Thomas Exner 
Mon, 24. Oct. 2016 to Fri, 28. Oct. 2016

Rheinfelden, Germany

Euro 2016 Provisional Program

27 October

08.30 Session 3: Advances in Cheminformatics Chair: Chris Grulke (3 invited talks + contributed talk) 

08.30 Developing a Curated Database, Chun-Wei Tung
08.55 Big Data in Chemisrty + Informatics=Cheminformatics, Igor V. Tetko
09.20 QSARDB Repository, Uko Maran
09.45 Contributed Talk 

10.00 Coffee Break

10.30 Session 4: Development & Application of AOPs Chair: Hristo Aladjov (3 invited talks + contributed talk) 

10.30 AOPs and Repeated Dose Toxicity, Angela Mally
10.55 Computationally Predicted AOPs, Noffisat Oki
11.20 Development of Quantitative AOPs, Hristro Aladjov
11.45 Contributed Talk

12.00 Knowledge Cafe discussion

12.45 Lunch Break
13.45 Session 5: Open Science Applications Chair: Thomas Exner(3 invited talks + contributed talk) 

13.45 Understanding and Prediciting Cytotoxicity, Fredrik Svensson 
14.10 Open Source Software and Fair Guidleines, Julia Kurps 
14.35 Modeling Perspectives, Philip Doganis
15.00 CLP Mix Tool, Jongwoon Kim

15.15 Cofee Break

15.30 Session 6: AOPs and Protocol Ontologies Chair: Clemens Wittwehr (invited speaker + contributed speaker) 

15.30 Why Do We Need Ontologies?,Thomas Exner
15.55 AOP extended Ontology, Ivana Campia
16.20 Danyel Jennen
16.45 Panel Discussion

17.00 Demonstration Café, Participants will be able to visit tables for hands-on demonstrations of tools.
18.00 Social Reception + Poster Session
20.00 Conference Dinner