Session 3 Chair: Iseult Lynch

Professor Iseult Lynch

OpenTox Euro 2017 Session 3 Chair: Iseult Lynch

Iseult Lynch


University of Birmingham



Toxicology testing and risk assessment is increasingly based on new approach methodologies (so-called NAM). However, to completely understand the relevance of novel approaches for human outcomes and to improve their reproducibility, in-detail characterization of the experimental conditions is of major importance. This will be addressed in these two connected sessions.

The first one will cover the characterization of the test substance. This is of high relevance for nanomaterials since the physical-chemicals properties of one type or form of nanomaterial can differ extremely when obtained from different producers or even different batches. Iseult Lynch will present first the ACEnano project, which has the goal to standardize nanomaterial characterization methodologies including development of reproducible sample introduction systems and harmonised data analysis approaches. In a second talk, she will present the state of the art in terms of characterisation of intrinsic and extrinsic nanomaterial characteristics, and the impact of relevant exposure media supplemented with appropriate biomolecules.  This will include some audience discussion on key descriptors for nanomaterials linked to toxicity. Between these talks, Andrew Nelson will present work towards a third generation platform for high throughput on-line toxicity testing.