Discussion Session

Discussion Session- Future Directions for Risk Assessment

Discussion Session- Future Directions for Risk Assessment

Facilitated by Stacey Harper


Oregon State University


This session will be an expansion of the discussion on the general themes of the conference with a focus on future directions in risk assessment. It will address the following questions:

  • How can we incorporate extrinsic environmental factors in toxicological studies for properly assessing health risks in the general population?  

  • What considerations need to be taken into account to ensure assessments are robust enough to deal with chemical or nanomaterial transformations?  

  • What role can functional assays fill in support of risk decisions?  

  • Where would environmental factors and dynamic processes fit into cumulative risk frameworks; or should they?  

  • Can we employ complementary testing of transformed materials and environmentally realistic exposures alongside traditional toxicological testing of pristine materials?

  • What benefits would result if we were able to expand toxicological considerations beyond pristine materials