Session 2 Chair: Antony J. Williams

Antony J. Williams 

OpenTox Asia 2017: Session 2 Chair: Antony J. Williams

Antony J. Williams 


National Center of Computational Toxicology


Computational Chemist


In recent years science has been driven by increasing adoption of Open Data, Open Source and Open Standard approaches (ODOSOS). As a result, an increasing array of toxicity-related computer-based resources are now available and can provide a path to discovery. Open and accessible high-quality data underpins computational model building and best practice guidance has been offered and is starting to deliver improved community resources. Since data are commonly produced using diverse methods and standards they need to be annotated with the appropriate meta data and curated for maximum impact in terms of data sharing and reproducibility. The increasing array of community databases, models and in vitro-in silico integrated approaches is increasing in impact on toxicological science and chemical safety assessment. This session will discuss the challenges associated with data exchange and interoperability and how thought-leaders providing access to online data streams are approaching these issues. The session will also examine how the principles underlying ODOSOS can continue to drive advances in predictive toxicology and risk assessment, a key focus of the OpenTox project.