Session 4 Chair: Nicole Kleinstreuer

Nicole Kleinstreuer

OpenTox USA Session 4 Chair: Nicole Kleinstreuer

Nicole Kleinstreuer




NICEATM Deputy Director


The movement away from using solely traditional animal-based toxicology tests to developing more high throughput, human relevant predictions requires testing frameworks that are driven by mechanistic understanding. Adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) have become useful tools for organizing biological knowledge around toxicity mechanisms, and for developing integrated testing strategies that provide sufficient coverage of key molecular and cellular events to predict adverse health effects. This session will cover the use of integrated testing strategies and the requirements of data management, analysis and modelling, with a focus on three examples at various stages of development and regulatory implementation. These projects include multivariate machine learning models informed by the skin sensitization AOP, work towards a tiered safety strategy for predicting acute systemic toxicity, and the implementation of pathway based computational models in the U.S. EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program.