Towards a Safer World by Design

Towards a Safer World by Design

Barry Hardy


Douglas Connect


Innovation is needed to purposefully design and govern our future world and its infrastructure. Advances in science and technology provide the basis for knowledge on which new solutions and industrial ecosystems can be built. This will require a continuing investment by both public and private sectors to build and manage the infrastructure of the future.

These solutions will generate new benefits and risks to be managed. Our activities perturb the very fabric of our planet's climate, the health of its citizens and the vitality and sustainability of its ecosystems.

Faced with such challenges, we need more than ever to connect across disciplines and sectors to develop cooperation and shared understanding on our future directions in science, industry, and regulation. Investment combined with knowledge is needed to build the foundation for the new industries of the future - greener and safer products, and with excellent governance.

I propose that international community efforts such as OpenTox can play a vital role in such developments and that we dedicate our combined energies to their progress and the achievement of a Safer World by Design.