OpenTox Reports

This section of the web site provides links to OpenTox and related reports.

The following OpenTox reports are currently available as downloadable pdf documents:


OpenTox D1.1 Report on Initial Requirements, Standards and APIs (February 2009)

OpenTox D1.2 Report on Graphical User Interface Design (August 2009)

OpenTox D2.1 Report on Project Repository and Website (February 2009)

OpenTox D3.1 Report on Initial Ontologies for Toxicology Data (February 2009)

OpenTox D4.1 Report on Algorithm Evaluation and Selection (February 2009)

EC Health Program Report:

Alternative Testing Strategies - Progress Report 2009


OpenTox D1.3 Report on Prototype Evaluation, Improved APIs and Interface Designs

OpenTox D2.2 Report on the Initial Framework Prototype

OpenTox D2.3 Report on Prototype Demonstration Server

OpenTox D3.2 Prototype Database

OpenTox D3.3 Authorisation & Authentication/Integration of Confidential Data

OpenTox D4.2 Report on the Initial Prototype of (Q)SAR Algorithms

OpenTox D5.1 Report on the Initial Prototype for Validation and Reporting

OpenTox D5.2 Report on Automated Validation Report Generation

OpenTox D6.2 Report on OpenTox Tutorials


OpenTox D5.3 Report on Validation Against Confidential Data

OpenTox D1.4 Report on Evaluation of the Final Implementation

OpenTox D2.4 Report on Final Framework

OpenTox D3.4 Report on Final Database with Additional Content

OpenTox D4.3 Report on Final Version of (Q)SAR algorithms

OpenTox D5.4 Report on Final Validation Routines with Facilities to Validate Against Confidential Data