Model Example

A Model is created by applying an Algorithm with specific parameters on a training Dataset.

  • •Model URI is defined by dc:identifier
  • •Model Name is defined by dc:title
  • •Model creator might be defined by dc:creator
  • •The date of Model creation is defined by dc:date
  • •The Algorithm is defined by ot:algorithm
  • •The independent variables are Features and are defined by ot:independentVariables (can be multiple)
  • •The dependent variables are Features and are defined by ot:dependentVariables (can be multiple)
  • •The variables, where prediction results will be stored, are Features and are defined by ot:predictedVariables (can be multiple)
  • •Parameters are defined by ot:parameters
  • •The training Dataset is defined by ot:trainingDataset
  • •Example Model

    <ot:Model rdf:ID="DemoModel">
        <dc:creator rdf:datatype=""
            >The model creator (perhaps a link to User resource)</dc:creator>
        <dc:date rdf:datatype=""
            >The date of model creation</dc:date>
        <dc:format rdf:datatype=""
            >The native format of the model content (e.g. PMML, Weka model, etc.)</dc:format>
        <dc:identifier rdf:datatype=""
        <dc:title rdf:datatype="">Model name</dc:title>
        <ot:algorithm rdf:resource="#WekaJ48"/>
        <ot:dependentVariables rdf:resource="#MultiCellCall"/>
        <ot:independentVariables rdf:resource="#XLogPDescriptor"/>
                <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
                <ot:paramValue rdf:datatype="">-M 10</ot:paramValue>
                <ot:paramScope rdf:datatype="">optional</ot:paramScope>
                <dc:title rdf:datatype=""
                    >Max number of instances in a node</dc:title>
                <rdf:type rdf:resource=""/>
                <ot:paramValue rdf:datatype="">-P</ot:paramValue>
                <ot:paramScope rdf:datatype="">mandatory</ot:paramScope>
                <dc:title rdf:datatype="">Pruning</dc:title>
        <ot:predictedVariables rdf:resource="#MultiCellCallPredicted"/>
        <ot:trainingDataset rdf:resource="#DSSToxCPDBAS"/>