Founding Meeting

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association

Gründungsversammlung des OpenTox Vereins
Zeiningen & goToMeeting 715-561-590, 27. March 2015, 16.00 – 18.00

Meeting Presentation (click to see)



Overview of Agenda

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association

Checking for all participants:

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association
•    Confirming identity by short self-introductions of every person
•    Checking for any multiple people on the same dial-in.
Barry: “30 days still as “Founding Members”
Barry: “We will record this meeting. Any objections?” – No objections. Recording started.


Approval of the Articles of Association
Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association

Barry goes quickly through the Articles – He:
•    This is a membership based, international Association.
•    We have sent the articles to everyone, who subscribed to this meeting.
•    We also have a German translation by Markus.
•    Reads out Article 4.1, which is a core article.
•    Highlights the different Association Bodies.
•    Idea: Keep it simple – Policies don’t need to be in the articles, but will be worked out by the committee.

Indira: Do we have to register for workgroups?
Barry: No requirement to register for any workgroup, but based on your interests.
Helma: How many people are on the Committee? And who is deciding of the number of members?
Barry: At least 3 – We haven’t specified any maximum. Currently, we have 7 applications. I personally think the Committee should not be much larger.
Markus: The committee is elected by the GA. Usually, there is a proposal from the old committee, but any numbers of additional proposal can be submitted, by any member of the association or group of members.
Helma: Suggestion, not to have an even number of members.
Barry: The GA decides about a committee, and the GA meeting is planned to be virtual, in order to facilitate a good participation and a good representation.
Helma: Suggestion to add “…, including the president” –
No objections, hence it was accepted.

Articles are accepted

No objections, majority accepted. (see attendant list for details – a few didn’t write their opinions, but no objections).


Election of the President & Committee

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association

Introduction of the 5 proposed members of the committee, which are either present in the meeting, or have a promoter present in the meeting.

Discussions & suggestions:

Christoph Helma: We should have an OpenTox lead developer also in the Committee.
Barry: Would be good, but we did not receive any application.
Barry: For Sergey Navikov and Mohammed Atari, I have not had the opportunity to discuss yet. And they are not present at that meeting. I would propose, they could be considered candidates for the committee, but the initial committee would consist of 5 other members. (no objections)
Barry: Are there more nominations?
Asish: We should have people from FDA, EPA at the committee
Barry: We can include this into the work of the first committee, to recruit FDA, EPA, as well as an OpenTox initial developer on the committee.
Katya Tsaioun: We can make the connection to EPA, regulatory etc.
Barry: Mohamed & Sergey not included, as not present. We can keep them as candidates for the next meeting. And we would start with this initial group of 5 people.
Barry about the objectives of the Committee:
  o    Develop and extend the community, especially to Asia and US too.
o    Organize OpenTox meetings.
o    Work on key use cases, especially on data availability & operability etc.
o    Sustainability of resources
o    Fund raising
o    Engagement of the regulators
o    Improving our documentation and communication to other developers. Update our website.
(via Chat): C Helma and Indira suggest Harry into the committee.
Barry: I had a chat, he wants to be involved, but he didn’t want to join the committee.
Harry: Many thanks for the suggestion, but currently my time is too limited this year– Maybe next year.
Andreas: Would be good to have a lead developer in the committee – but there are also the work groups, which can and should have developer involvement too.

Committee with 5 members accepted.

See voting in the chat, summarized in the appendix.

Comment Markus & Barry: First GA is intended to take place within the first 200 days after this foundation meeting.


Discussion and approval of the yearly membership fee structure

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association

There were a lot of controversial discussions about the yearly membership fees. For details, please refer to the audio file.
The discussion about the organizational membership fees were controversial, and we finally decided, that there will not be an organizational membership to start with, and that it will be the first task of the committee to work out a feasible model for this and present it to the first GA (suggestion by Barry)
We also added an academic discount to the individual membership, so that we ended up with the following model:
Individual Member: EUR 100
Students (up to Postdoc): EUR 50
(Give time to committee to work on organizational agreements/structures to propose to GA)
Membership fee structure accepted.
No objections, and a majority of “+1” in the chat.


* Association Founded *

 Barry: that concludes the main section of this meeting – The OpenTox Association is now founded, has a committee, and we agreed on the membership fees.


Varia / Discussions

Organisation of the Working Groups 

Clarification Markus: The committee is responsible for the working groups. The committee can decide, which working group will be put in place, who is the leader, and who are the members. The membership can also be delegated to the working group leader.

Barry: The committee will further decide and organize on this.

Organisation of the General Assembly

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association
The first GA is planned to be blended involving both virtual and face-to-face meeting alongside the first Autumn OpenTox meeting (30 Sept – 2 Oct)


Autumn OpenTox meetings - Europe, USA, Asia

Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association


Founding Meeting of the OpenTox Association