OpenTox Euro 2016 Program

OpenTox Euro 2016 Conference Program


MONDAY, 24 October, 2016
TUSEDAY, 25 October, 2016
09:00-17:00  NanoEHS workshop 09:00-12:00 Hackathon 09:00-12:00 NanoInformatics Roadmap
09:00-17:00 Hackathon 13:00-17:00  NanoModelling Workshop

26 October, 2016

08.00 Registrations Open (ongoing all day)

09.00-12.00 OpenTox Working Groups Meeting

12.00 Lunch + Poster Session

13.00 Welcome and Overview, Barry Hardy (President, OpenTox Association)

Session 1: Computational Modelling of Mechanisms at the Nano Scale, Chair: Barry Hardy
13.15 Predictive Modelling of Biological Effects of Engineered Nanomaterials, Georgios Drakakis
13.45 What we have learned from computational nanotoxicology so far, Thomaz Puzyn
14.15 Nanomaterials Design and Safety Assessment, Barry Hardy
14.45 Coffee Break
Session 2: Translational Bioinformatics applied to Safety Assessment, Chair: Roland Grafstrom
15.15 Standardization of bioinformatics analysis workflows for omics-based safety assessment, Pekka Kohonen

15.45 Functional impairment and transcriptome changes, Tanja Waldman
16.15 Analyzing and interpreting toxicogenomics data at the network level, Ralf Herwig
16.45 Coffee break
17.15 Knowledge Café Discussion
18.00 OpenTox Organisation Meeting
19.30 Social Reception + Poster Session

27 October, 2016

Session 3: Advances in Cheminformatics, Chair: Chris Grulke
08.30 The ChEMBL database: Recent Developments, Francis Atkinson
09.00 Big data in chemistry + informatics = chemoinformatics, Igor V. Tetko
09.30 Organization and efficient use of in silico predictive models in chemistry and related areas, Uko Maran

10.00 Coffee Break
Session 4: Development & Application of AOPs, Chair: Hristo Aladjov
10.30 Open discussion on the challenges in development of quantitative AOPs, Hristro Aladjov
10.55 Developing quantitative AOPs of renal toxicity with Effectopedia, Alice Limonciel
11.20 Adverse outcome pathways & assessment of repeat dose systemic toxicity, Angela Mally 
11.45 AOP-XML, Ahmed Abdelaziz
12.00 Knowledge Cafe discussion
12:45 Lunch
Session 5: Open Science Applications, Chair: Thomas Exner
13.45 Modeling Perspectives, Philip Doganis
14.10 Understanding and Prediciting Cytotoxicity, Fredrik Svensson
14.35 Open Source Software and FAIR Guidleines, Julia Kurps
15.00 A Prototype of Eco-PDS: An Eco-friendly Product Design Support Tool for Screening Mixture Toxicity, Jongwoon Kim
15.15  Coffee Break
Session 6: AOPs and Protocol Ontologies, Chair: Clemens Wittwehr
15.45 Why Do We Need Ontologies?, Thomas Exner
15.55 AOP extended Ontology, Ivana Campia
16.20 Systems Toxicology & Ontologies, Danyel Jennen
16.45 Panel Discussion
17.10 Demonstration Café

18.00 Poster Session and Reception
19.00 Conference Dinner

28 October, 2016

Session 7: Emerging Methods and Practice, Chair: Ola Spjuth
08.45 Workflows for cheminformatics, Tim Dudgeon

09.10 Data integration with identifiers and ontologies, Egon Willighagen
09.35 Interoperability and Scalability with Microservices, Ola Spjuth
10.00 Exposing ToxCast as a friendly OpenTox API, Daniel Bachler