S6: AOPs and Protocol Ontologies

S6: Systems Toxicology & Ontologies

How can Systems Toxicology benefit from Ontologies? OpenTox Euro 2016
Danyel Jennen

Waters and Fostel (2004) defined systems toxicology as the study of the perturbation of biological systems by chemicals and stressors, monitoring changes in molecular expression and conventional toxicological parameters, and iteratively integrating response data to describe the functioning organism.

Nowadays, there are several definitions for systems toxicology and data integration has become an important part of it.

S6: Why Do We Need Ontologies?

Thomas Exner, Douglas Connect
Thomas Exner

NCBO BioPortal lists currently 517 different ontologies ranging from very general like the Units of Measurement Ontology to more specific like the Ontology of Adverse Events. Still, new ontologies are developed all over the world and they are part of many new project proposals submitted to funding agencies.