OpenTox Partners

Douglas Connect

Douglas Connect have many years' experience in scientific research, informatics, education and marketing, and have been involved in organising scientific, communication and knowledge management projects and solutions since 1995. Douglas Connect is a Swiss SME based close to Basel, a heart of European chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology life in the Biovalley region.


Ideaconsult Ltd is a SME providing consultancy, technical services and software development in the areas of chemoinformatics, QSAR and data mining since 2004. Ideaconsult currently leads the framework implementation WP of the OpenTox FP7 project.

In Silico Toxicology

In silico Toxicology has developed the award winning lazar system ( for the prediction of toxic properties (currently available endpoints: rodent carcinogenicity, Salmonella mutagenicity, human liver toxicity, human maximum recommended therapeutic dose, skin-sensitization, blood-brain-barrier penetration, acute fathead minnow toxicity, biodegradability) and the algorithms BBRC and LAST-PM for supervised feature mining.