Session 5: Risk Assessment & Management Applications

OpenTox USA 2015, Session 5: Risk Assessment & Management Applications

Risk Assessment & Management Applications
Session Chair: Grace Patlewicz, US EPA and Rick Becker, American Chemistry Council (ACC)

Thursday, 12 February 2015
from 13:30 to 15:30

Speakers Title
Rick Becker, American Chemistry Council (ACC) A scientific confidence framework for AOPs
Dinant Kroese, TNO Data-integration for Endpoints, Chemoinformatics and Omics (DECO) using DIAMONDs
Marja Talikka, Philip Morris International EnaBELing a Functional Ontology for Adverse Outcome Pathways – Facilitating Future Risk Assessment
Rusty Thomas, US EPA Moving towards data interpretation, transparency, and scientific confidence in the EPA’s ToxCast Program
Session 5 Summary

This session will start by outlining a Scientific Confidence Framework to help guide the appropriate interpretation of in vitro assays, prediction models in the context of AOPs for specific regulatory purposes. We will present the current opportunities and challenges in read-across in particular how we can enhance read-across with novel data in an effort to reduce residual uncertainty by reference to case studies being performed under the Cefic LRI AIMT-4 programme. We will also showcase some of the ancillary challenges when developing AOPs that will be fit for risk assessment purposes in the future. We will close by outlining the efforts the EPA’s NCCT has made in driving greater transparency in their Comp Tox tools to facilitate appropriate use and interpretation for different regulatory purposes.