OpenTox USA 2015 - Sessions

OpenTox USA 2015 - Johns Hopkins, Baltimore

Data Science
Session Chair: Barry Hardy, Douglas Connect, Switzerland


Carolyn Mattingly, NCSU
Ann Richard, US EPA
Alex Tropsha, UNC
Ruili Huang, NCATS, NIH

Adverse Outcome Pathways
Session Chair: Stephen Edwards, US EPA


Ed Perkins, US Army Engineer R&D Center
Barry Hardy, Douglas Connect
Dan Villeneuve, US EPA

Exposure Modelling
Session Chair: Tim Pastoor, Snygenta


Michelle Embry,  HESI
Kathie Dionisio,  US EPA
Arpad Szarka,  Snygenta

Integrating Evidence and Analysis
Session Chair: Thomas Hartung, Johns Hopkins


Martin Stephens,  Director ETBC
Joanna Jaworska,  Proctor & Gamble
Nicole Kleinstreuer,  ILS

Risk Assessment & Management Applications
Session Chairs: Grace Patlewicz, DuPont and Rick Becker, American Chemistry Council (ACC)


Rick Becker, ACC
Dinant Kroese, TNO

Bart Van Der Burg, BioDetection Systems
Silvia Teissier, L’Oréal Research & Innovation