Genetta Soft

Genetta Soft AB, Sweden

Genetta Soft is a Swedish-based company originating from research at Uppsala University. We provide world-leading solutions in pharmaceutical informatics and drug discovery - tools that accelerate successful life sciences R&D by improving the speed and quality of scientists' decision making.

Bioclipse is a rich client for the life sciences featuring cutting-edge biological and chemical tools. This produces an extensible platform to encompass any application, with an intuitive workbench for ends users. As a major contributor to the project, Genetta Soft is the leading company offering custom services and consulting around Bioclipse.

Bioclipse Modeling is the flagship product of Genetta Soft. The solution extends the Bioclipse Decision Support tool with the capability to produce accurate and robust predictive models starting from a collection of chemical structures with an associated response value (such as an interaction or toxicity measurement/classification).

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