Collaborative Research Projects

OpenTox researchDouglas Connect provides the expertise to organise, run, support, and manage collaborative research projects, both innovation-oriented and service-based. We can draw on our hundreds of community contacts to assemble the best team for the job, working within an effective virtual organization structure.

We have been active in EU FP7 research projects including leading the industry requirements analysis for SYNERGY collaboration research and were the Project Coordinator for OpenTox which developed an integrating predictive toxicology framework.

Douglas Connect is coordinating the Scientists Against Malaria collaboration which was formed in June 2010 to apply modern drug design and modelling techniques in combination with industry standard infrastructure and interdisciplinary science to develop new treatments against Malaria.

In January 2011, The ToxBank Project commenced. ToxBank, which involves 8 partners, establishes a dedicated web-based warehouse for toxicity data management and modelling, a "gold standards" compound database and repository of selected test compounds, and a reference resource for cells, cell lines and tissues of relevance for in vitro systemic toxicity research carried out across the FP7 Alternative Testing Strategies SEURAT-1 program. The project develops infrastructure and service functions to create a sustainable predictive toxicology support resource going beyond the lifetime of the program. Douglas Connect is the scientific coordinator of this project.

Douglas Connect acts both as the initiator of independent research projects (eg. in Discovery Informatics, Knowledge Management, Life Sciences, Drug Safety, Enviromental Chemistry, Risk Assessment) and as a provider of integrated services for corporate clients in these areas.