About OpenTox Predictive Toxicology Meetings

The OpenTox Euro series of meetings emerged as a continuation of the EU-funded Health-FP7 project “OpenTox” which was completed successfully in August 2011. Our ambitious plan is to develop OpenTox further as an infrastructure and community with annual events held in Europe, USA and Asia in the area of predictive toxicology and related fields. The two OpenTox meetings in 2013 were held in Mainz and Raleigh-Durham attracting over 160 leading practitioners in the field contributing to a successful program and advancing collaborations on resources and open standards in the year to come. In 2014 we had a successful conference in Athens, Greece and 2015 is very busy. In February the conference was at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, our Euro conference will be held in Dublin, another USA event in Bryn Mawr College and then OpenTox is visiting Asia for the first time with a conference in Seoul, Korea.

The OpenTox meetings are aiming at discussing the latest developments in predictive toxicology, including in silico modelling and application development, integrated data analysis, systems biology, visualisation, cheminformatics and bioinformatics. Hands-on workshops on developments and applications enable participants to try out methods and software applied to predictive toxicology problems.

OpenTox Asia, Daejeon, South Korea OpenTox USA 2017 OpenTox Euro 2017, Basel, Switzerland

OpenTox Asia 2017
17-18 May
Daejeon, South Korea

OpenTox USA 2017
12-13 July
Durham, NC, USA

OpenTox Euro 2017
4-6 October
Basel, Switzerland