Well organized software development and testing is critical for the successful production and deployment of fit-for-purpose software and user acceptance.

Our strong software development expertise assures our particularly strong performance in this area. We clearly assign and manage a number of key development coordination roles:

Requirements Analysis - contextual design to capture detailed real user needs and contexts

Ontology Development - reuse and extension of ontology to ensure semantic interoperability

Database Development - organization of data resources supporting distributed application deployment

Software Development - rapid prototyping and testing, scrum-based virtual teams, use case driven, usability testing

Issue Management - careful monitoring of open issues and assignments

Integrated Testing - coordination of component integration, test cases and error reporting

Technical Documentation - ongoing detailed documentation of source code and interfaces following best knowledge management practices

User Documentation/Tutorials - interactive tutorials for users to learn while working

User Communities - development of co-creation relationships and involvement of users within a community