Working Groups

WG1: APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)

The primary objective of the OpenTox API working group is to standardize and document REST interfaces and data models of OpenTox webservices.

After the initial OpenTox project several follow-up projects have extended the original API. In addition several services had to modify original specifications after gaining more practical experience with the original implementation (e.g. to ensure better scalability, to provide better interoperability or additional features).

At this workshop we intend to:

WG2: Mapping Data Resources to AOPs

An AOP is an analytical construct that describes a sequential chain of causally linked events at different levels of biological organisation that lead to an adverse health or ecotoxicological effect. AOPs are the central ele ment of a toxicological knowledge framework being built to support chemical risk assessment based on mechanistic reasoning. AOPs portray existing knowledge concerning the linkage between two anchor points - the Molecular Initiating Event (MIE), and an Adve rse Outcome (AO), connected by a chain of Key Events (KE) and the relationships between them (KER).

WG3: Data Standards & Metadata

Large amounts of toxicity data is generated worldwide on a daily basis and stored in different open and inhouse databases. The format of the data and the availability of metadata, describing the experimental setups and in this way the quality of the data, differ strongly prohibiting analysis combining data from different resources.

WG4: Deployment Working Group

The deployment working group is concerned with making it easy to deploy OpenTox and related services and data to your own infrastructure, and to use those services. Currently there is little information on this and the operation of these services is mostly restricted to the groups who created them.

To achieve this the working group plans to: