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Bob van de Water
Professor of Drug safety science at Leiden University

Prof. Dr. Bob van de Water is head of the Cancer Therapeutics and Drug Safety group at the Division of Drug Discovery & Safety.


  • Oncogenic protein tyrosine kinases and Annexin family members in breast cancer formation and metastasis
  • Live cell imaging-based modelling of cellular toxicity pathways
  • Identification of novel druggable targets for estrogen-receptor positive and triple negative breast cancers
  • Novel Anticancer Targets for Killing Drug Resistant Triple Negative Breast Cancer


  • Theme Effects of drugs III – Drug Safety Evaluation
  • Signal transduction: from target discovery to therapy
  • Post Doctoral Course "Cell Toxicology"
  • Post-Doctoral: "Cellular Toxicology/Predictive Toxicology" - IMI-SafeSciMET Training Programme in Safety Sciences