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Nastassja Lewinski
Virginia Commonwealth University

OpenTox 2022 Virtual Conference 

Automating systematic reviews on engineered nanoparticles

Engineered nanoparticles are enabling new strategies to detect and treat disease states in humans, plants, and even corals.  With the number of possible nanoparticle designs and formulations, we need more ways to identify the synthesis parameters needed to fabricate these designs as well as more ways to link data across the development timeline.  Systematic reviews currently rely on manual human data curation and analysis.  In this presentation, the development and application of natural language processing techniques to automatically curate data from papers describing nanoparticle research will be discussed.  We have created annotated corpora on nanomedicines and utilized publicly available corpora to evaluate different supervised learning approaches on their identification of experimental design factors and product characterization.  Reflections on performance and recommendations will be discussed.