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Schloss Beuggen 11, Rheinfelden, Germany

Building Bridges 2016

Building Bridges 2016, Rheinfelden, Germany 

Today, advanced cell therapies founded on human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells have entered clinical evaluation. These resources are also being integrated in the drug discovery process to confirm causative roles of mutated genes in various diseases and discover new therapeutic drugs to ameliorate disease pathologies. The socioeconomic impact of ongoing and future accomplishments is critically reliant on interdisciplinary engagements between diverse stakeholders informing standards of practice, conduct and care and translating knowledge into real-world practice. Drawing on the professional expertise of expert practitioners across the spectrum of stem cell science and toxicology, the mission of Building Bridges event is to promote the understanding of this field and network amongst participants. This should create new interdisciplinary opportunities to advance the safety, efficacy, and impact of the emerging field of personalised medicine.

Building Bridges Schedule

08:30 Introduction and workshop agenda
08:45 Lightning talks on needs and challenges in changing methods
09:45 Break
10.15 Knowledge Cafe (one table for each perspective)
11.30 Feedback from Knowledge Cafe and next steps
12:00 Lunch
13.00 Lightning talks on solutions in emerging methods
14.00 Group Work (creating cases for collaboration)
15.15 Break + informal discussion for group work
15.45 Feedback from group work and collecting ideas about next steps
18.00 Start of reception and social event with dinner