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Daniel Burgwinkel
KRM Competence Center, Switzerland

Experienced advisor and program manager with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry, financial services and e-government. Skilled in Blockchain Technology, Information and Data Governance, Records Management and Business Process Management. Lecturer for Blockchain at three universities. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from University of St.Gallen and a Master in Business Engineering from Karlsruhe University (KIT).

OpenTox 2022 Virtual Conference 

The term Knowledge Graph describes a new type of database technology that is applied to store data about a specific domain and to query the database with questions in natural language. This technology was first used by Google to improve search results and is using semantic technologies to process the data. 

Graph technology can be used in a research project to map internal knowledge and, for example, to improve search results. For example, the COVIDGRAPH project has built up a knowledge base for COVID research.

In this session, we will discuss the steps to enable knowledge graphs for a research project to improve the data quality, ensure compliance with the FAIR principles and foster new insights into different domains.