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Tokyo Nihonbashi Life Science Building

Open Science Seminar

Jointly organised by Douglas Connect and the Systems Biology Institute

Toxicology analysis by using time series data

Themes: Open science for toxicology, safety assessment and 'omics data analysis, using Japanese and EU databases

Tools: Garuda, OpenTox APIs, Toxygates
Databases: Open TG-GATEs, ToxRefDB, … Despite sophisticated testing, drug safety and toxicity in many cases remain challenging problems to solve, for researchers, industry and society. At the same time, the increasing availability of open databases and data resources, particularly 'omics data, provide new resources and potential that promise to help tackle these challenges. This is especially valuable when data can be easily shared, supporting collaboration and reproducibility. In this seminar and workshop, we explore ways of using open data to address toxicity problems, as well as guide participants through a case study  with modern GUIs and analysis tools.