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10/24/2016 - 10/28/2016
Schloss Beuggen 11, Rheinfelden, Germany

OpenTox Euro 2016

Schloss Beuggen 11, Rheinfelden, Germany

A Week of Events:

Join us for a week of exciting events including the OpenTox Euro Conference, the Nano Environmental and Health Safety (NanoEHS), the Nano Modelling Workshop and the Building Bridges Workshops as well as the OpenTox Hackathon and the OpenTox Working Group Meetings

2016 Hackathon:

We will continue with our hands-on work on the Hackathon Case Studies as well as newly defined topics. 

2016 Conference:

Our 2016 conference topics are Computational Modelling, Translational Bioinformatics, Advances in Cheminformatics, Development & Application of AOPs, Open Science Applications, AOP & Protocol Ontologies, and Emerging Methods and Practice.

Conference Chairs:

Barry Hardy, Roland Grafstrom, Chris Grulke, Ola Spjuth, Hristo Aladjov, Thomas Exner, Clemens Wittwehr